ID 40 2006: Hung Table by doha chebib of Loyal Loot

Hung Table by Loyal Loot

Over the next week or two, I will include some of my favorite designers from ID Magazine’s “ID 40” list of top designers of 2006. It’s a pretty amazing list, so I urge you to pick up a copy of this magazine.

Loyal Loot is a Canadian collective of women designers one of which is Doha Chebib who created the ingenious Hung Table. The table is made of a ply and walnut veneer frame with a wool crochet table top. What’s surprising about this design is why no one had thought of this before. By using the fabric as the holder of the objects rather than just a hard surface to place things on, the owner has a more personalized relationship with the table. There is a place for books, cups, or any object you want crocheted into the design. It’s a soft warm, light, and highly customizable piece of furniture, and I hope the concept gets picked up for a larger production.

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