Hogan Men’s Shoes 2007

Hogan Men's Shoes 2007

Hogan Shoes are one of the few shoe designs that seem to have bridged the gap between sporty walking shoe and semi-formalish work shoe. OK, maybe they fall a bit more on the sporty tip, but if you must, drop a line to your boss that your Hogans probably cost as much as his stuffy suit from the Men’s Warehouse. And that alone should clue your boss in that Hogans are refined enough to wear around the office, but give you the air of easy-going unpretentiousness to your clients. Maybe it’s a bit pretentious to tell your boss that the shoes cost as much as his suit, huh? Yep. But it’s not your boss you should impress as much as the clients because you’ll probably have your boss’ job soon anyway seeing that he’s an alcoholic… Wait. This scenario is getting a bit out of hand. Just check out the shoes, and let them speak for themselves.

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