Historic Modernism: Star Trek designed by Roberto Lazzeroni

Star Trek designed by Roberto Lazzeroni

Why do Italian furniture makers make American furniture makers look like fools? That’s not really what I think, but that was my gut reaction when I first saw the Star Trek chair designed by Roberto Lazzeroni for Ceccotti Collezioni. The chair defies all logic of the material its constructed from. It is, as you see above, a wood frame with a leather back. Today, we are jaded by modern technologies and modern forms, but when this chair was first made it was a mystery as to how the joints, from the arm to the back for instance, were brought together with such fine precision. Was the answer a CNC router hooked up to a computer? No. The answer was to hire a number of incredible craftspeople who have honed their skills for multiple generations in small Italian workshops. It makes me embarrassed to even compare this chair to most of the furniture I see today.

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