Heineken World Bottle: Green Means More than the Color of the Bottle

Heineken World Bottle

Heineken has created one of the most ingenious products I’ve seen in days. As you can see from the image above, the new Heineken World Bottle or WOBO can be used as a building material after its contents have been consumed. This product presents a real challenge to my moral compass. One perspective is that if you are poor and need an inexpensive building material to create your home, then you can just go around collecting these bottles until you have enough to fashion a home. This bottle can be more easily recycled and thus much less energy wasted in its reprocessing of materials while helping someone build their home. The other perspective is it promotes getting drunk over and over in an effort to gather enough building materials. I can hear the slogan now: “Get wasted for planet earth!” or “Drink your way out of homelessness!” . But, maybe I’m being a bit too cynical.

(via Designverb)

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