Hand Grenade Lamp by piet houtenbos

Hand Grenade Lamp by piet houtenbos

I was browsing Unica Home’s website a couple of days ago looking for cool stuff (as always) when I found this. BTW, Unica Home is Located in Las Vegas, and they probably have the best collection of amazing home furnishings anywhere. So next time you feel the urge to gamble, make a side trip to Unica Home. Anyway, about the lamp… I often love to write a witty little piece about something such as this but Unica Home beat me to the punch, I’m affraid:

Have you ever looked around your house and wondered “why don’t my belongings look like deadly weapons?”. well fret no more. this unique oil lamp is sure to be a conversation starter. tell your friends you found it on a trip to a war torn country and you don’t know whether it still works. then pick it up and make a motion as if you are pulling a pin and then throw it into our friends hands. if nothing else you can use it as a nice lamp.

A new take on “mood lighting” from designer piet houtenbos. these clever refillable hand grenade oil lamps are made from actual US army surplus grenades and gilded in either gold or silver, or left with their natural finish. filled with oil, the candle burns for about 24 continuous hours.

-From Unica Homes Website (They crack me up!)

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