Hacking and Cracking the Leapfrog Tag Junior

leapfrog tag junior book pal for children

leapfrog tag junior book pal for children

Recently, my mother in law gave my son a tag junior from leapfrog. This toy is magic. You just set the device down on a leapfrog book, and it will read the text of the book or identify any of the images in the book. For instance, if you place the device over a picture of an elephant in the leapfrog book, an elephant noise might come out of the device.

I understand that there are little microdot patterns in the printing of the books which the tag junior device can read and then respond to. This is really an incredible technology, but i want to use this device to read more than just leapfrog books. I’d love to be able to pass secret notes with this device almost like an art piece or some sort of interactive urban exploration device. But I need a crack first.

So, I’m calling all experts in the hackosphere: Can you crack this device? It seems to be locked down tighter than anything because I cannot find an online crack nor even any reference to people trying to crack this device. Come on! Nothing? I know nothing of the underground world of cracking hardware devices, so maybe all this stuff is child’s play. If so, please leave a comment and help a brother out.

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