Green Week: The Matt Gagnon Recycled Paper Side Table

Green Week: The Gagnon Recycled Paper Side Table

Matt Gagnon, a Brooklyn based designer and manufacturer, has created his side table out of Homasote. This material is made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper. The board is only about as thick as plywood, so the pieces are cut out, shaped, then bolted together. The piece is finished off with linseed oil and accented with red latex paint. Each piece is made to order, by hand, in Matt’s shop. I must say, when I saw this piece and told that it was using so many good practices of green design, I was really impressed. The side table is absolutely a sculptural masterpiece. It appears to be carved from stone. The Homasote creates these strata that kept me guessing as to what the material was and how it was produced. It’s an absolutely fresh concept, and I’m excited to see what else comes from Mr. Gagnon’s studio. The price, however, is a bit steep for a side table. You’ll be paying near three Grand when you’re done. But, really, this is functional art and not Ikea level craft. The piece is available through the awesome online store: Branch.

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