Green Week: The Egg Plant by SMP

The Egg Plant by SMP available at Branch

What could be greener than plants? Nothing. The Egg Plant by SMP brings a bit of “green” design into your home. It’s a simple concept: place a beautifully crafted ceramic egg into an overly designed recycled box. Place some seeds and dirt in the egg. Now, you’ve got something worth selling as long as you have a compelling story and a good P.R. person. Really, a PR person isn’t even a necessity. These eggs speak for themselves. They are a little piece of perfection and simplicity, and that’s what makes them attractive. It’s a tiny kick in the tail for the lazy gardener because the kit makes it simple and enjoyable to watch the herds grow. The egg shape itself is pretty clever seeing that its being used as a vessel for growth (of a plant) I think provides a strong enough metaphor to encourage the plant to grow.

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