Green Week: TED Talks- William McDonough on Cradle to Cradle

William McDonough may be the most important green designer of our time if only to introduce broad concepts and issue difficult challenges. He certainly does much more, but his preaching the gospel of sustainable design is a needed kick in the but to do more. In this lecture, Mr. McDonough explains his concept of cradle to cradle. This concept works as such: a manufacturer designs their products in a way that can be made from recycled goods, and at the end of the product’s life can be easily recyclable, or better yet, not thrown away at all. He makes a compelling argument, and also shows some of his own projects in the video

By The way, I now have images back in the email newsletters and feeds, but embedded videos don’t always show up. If you are at all interested in green design, I urge you to click on the title to see this video.

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