Green Week: TED Talks- Alex Steffen on Inspired ideas for a sustainable future

What is the deal with all the TED videos? I know, I know. I can’t help it, though. These videos really put a spark in my mind when I’m designing as to how I should look at a project. But, the week is almost up , so I will be going back to covering fun stuff like the USB memory key in the shape of Mother Mary, or who knows what. I want to challenge you, though. If you read this blog, and you see a TED video that fascinates you, then please send it along to friends as well. So, what TED video do we have today? The cofounder of Alex Steffan. I heard Alex speak earlier this year at SXSW Interactive Media Conference in Austin, TX. The speech was full of doom and gloom, but then the discussion opened up to all the possibilities of design and innovation with a push towards sustainability, and that’s when I really became interested. Definitely Check out his video from the Technology | Entertainment | Design Conference in Monterey!

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