Graffiti Report Card and a Bread Lobster

Graffiti Report Card- San Francisco

Graffiti Report Card- San Francisco- closeup shot

Someone dropped me a line about a week ago. They were walking by and saw that someone had pasted a graffiti report card here in SF. This, of course, boosted my ego a bit. I figured after everyone was calling me an idiot for even proposing such an idea as the graffiti report card (see this post) no one would ever put one of these stickers up besides myself. But I was wrong. Thanks anonymous pioneer!
Bread Lobster

And it was my birthday this past week. I turned 35 which officially means that I am too old to report on style and I have to move into what all washed up hacks do after their journalistic career fizzles: cover celebrity news. Here I come Britney Spears and Paris Hilton! But seriously, I would like to thank my friends for the great gifts such as this bread lobster which my friend Mark diligently recorded on his own blog. Definitely have a look. Whoa!

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