Gift Guide: Sex Toys

Christmas is just around the corner, and it recently occurred to me that a wonderful gift you might consider giving to your lady-friend is a device that can produce ecstasy. I must admit to you, I have not tried any of these stimulating devices myself. In fact, I’ve only chosen them based upon their innovative design promises or upon their beautiful craftsmanship. So, I cannot guarantee that any of the following clitoral stimulators, vibrators, dildos, and massagers will bring you an orgasm. Of course, if they don’t at least they look really, really good on your shelf or hidden underneath your bed.

The prices of the sex toys Design Crack presenting range from under $100 to several hundred. The materials range from the standard rubber to stainless steel to 24 karat gold to fine delft porcelain. And although I can’t give you, dear reader, a play by play stimulatory (is that a word) rating of each sex toy, I’ve provided links to each vibrator that give you more than enough information to give you an informed purchasing decision. Quite frankly, you may consider buying more than one of these devices and consider many items in your arsenal.

The We Vibe clitoral and G-spot vibrator

This was the least pretty and least expensive of the devices I’ve added to the collection, but the shape of the design makes me wonder if it wouldn’t be the most affective. If the We Vibe lives up to its promise, it will create quite a buzz.


The OhMiBod Music activated vibrator

When discussing vibrator innovation, you have to mention at least one iPod activated device. I’ve included two. One is an app, and one, the OhMiBod, is a vibrator that pulses with the music bringing a new edge to your favorite hip hop or house music. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try some heavy metal to stir your juices.


iVibration: Bring your iPhone to the next plane of usefulness


Philips Warm Sensual Massager

This is the most corporate looking vibe. It almost seems as if you should shave with this device rather than rubbing your hoo with it. But, I can only assume it works wonders simply because Philips has worked decades to make their intimate products incredibly fun to use.

philips warm sensual massager

Eleven Steel Dildo by Njoy

Steel seems a little cold, it sure looks good.

eleven vibrator by njoy

Olga gold plated vibrator by Lelo

The Olga is beautifully designed to find all the right spots. This vibrator is probably the one that I could see James Bond giving to his lover as a memento for conquering an international crime syndicate. Maybe this one could be renamed “Goldfinger” because it will make you sing like Ethel Merman.

olga gold vibrator

Bone vibrator by Tom Dixon for Myla of London

Tom Dixon designed this. I don’t care how well it works. Tom Dixon designed this. Buy it.

bone vibrator by tom dixon

Minx vibrator by Shiri Zinn

I spent quite a bit of time exploring Shiri Zinn’s website, and although this particular vibrator might look a little hokey, her zeal for experimentation and user experience leads me to believe her little machines are moan inducing explosions waiting to happen. I urge you to check out Miss Zinn’s site and look for the strapons which are pure artwork. I would love to mount these on the wall if my wife would let me.

shiri zinn vibrator

Fuck Design Vibrator by Citizen Citizen for Jimmy Jane

Jimmy Jane has went out of its way to brand itself as the high design of sexual pleasure. They’ve hire Citizen Citizen to create the “Fuck Design” limited edition model of their popular bullet vibe, and I can’t stop looking at it. JJ guarantees all parts (I think), and has made quite a brand promise… which comes with a steep price. This is the vibe for the woman or man who needs it all.

fuck design vibrator by jimmy jane

Delft Ceramic Dildo

I like this dildo the best. It does not vibrate, but it does look like something you’d pull out of the china cabinet and put on your dinner table as a centerpiece at thanksgiving (which might add for a spicy evening). The dildo is corked at the bottom which leads me to wonder if the dildo is meant to carry warm water adding to the glow of sensations you might feel. Or, it could be a really hot stash box. What do you put in yours?

blue delft ceramic dildo

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