Giacomo Driftwood Lamp by Zia-Priven Designs

Giacomo Lamp by Zia-Priven Designs

The Giacomo Driftwood lamp by Zia Priven Designs uses a painstaking technique to be produced. I used to turn bowls as a hobby, so I’ve seen this technique before, and I think this lamp is produced the same way. First, a box is made in the general form of the lamp base. Next, the form is tightly packed with randomly placed, narrow tree branches to form a lattice. Then, a plastic epoxy is poured into the form to make a solid block of stuff. The block is then put on a lathe and carved into the final shape. The last step is drilling out the insides to place the power cord. I find the effect dramatic, and knowing all the hard work and craftsmanship involved helps me really appreciate the surface of the lamp. Fortunately, the form is quite attractive as well.

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