Forget Phone Design. How About Design From Phone?

First, go check out the original post off of Core 77’s website, it will give you lots of information. So, how does this work? You download an aplication to your phone, play with the table shape until you see what you like, and then buy it and a computer controlled milling machine starts making your table. Two months later after it has been shipped and you’ve got your table. Eeeeeek! Wait, what? That’s right. Your need-it-right-now table phone app create something that will take forever to get here by boat. I have to say, the tables are all beautiful and this phone app thing is sort of a gimmick that realizes its absurdity. But this phone app begs the question: Can I take a picture of something with my phone and have it produced instantly at a local CNC mill? This would be cool .
Designing furniture via cell phone – Core77

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