Flower by Moooi

Flowers by Mooi found at Leigh Harmer www.leighharmer.co.uk

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a company that does search engine optimization for a company in the UK named Leigh Harmer. The email was very cordial, but I must admit that emails from SEO companies usually equals ugly junk. But when I looked at Leigh Harmer’s website my prediction was so far from what I found. Leigh Harmer Offers the best of the best in Lighting and Furniture. Their website is easy to use, comprehensive, and gives you a number of options as to how you can shop. Also, I could probably write about fifty of the products they offer.

But instead, I’ll write about just one: Flower by Moooi. Moooi makes a number of elegant and boundary-pushing pieces. Flower follows that vein. If you take a close look at the piece on the Moooi site, you will see that the metal mesh is unlike any you’ve seen before. The mesh is a field of flowers. The chair appears its most striking when hit with bright light because the pattern of flowers made made by its shadow is an ethereal puzzle of shapes. The frame is a mirrored chrome backdrop, of sorts, meant to let the mesh claim center stage. Unfortunately, I still can’t make out why the simple chair costs nearly $3,000. I’m almost assuming that making the flower mesh for the chair required soldering the pieces by hand at this price. However, it may just be that Moooi’s marketing budget is extremely high, and they needed to price this piece high just to break even. Let’s hope not.

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