Fleur Lamp by Atsuro Ueki

Fleur Lamp by Atsuro Ueki

Atsuro Ueki is one of those people that has boundless energy. You just want to sit the person down and say, “enough with the creativity!”. He just makes so much important stuff. A bit about Mr. Ueki: He is one of those guys, like John Maeda, who borders on vast knowledge of art and technology. He’s what I would call someone with an ambidextrous brain.

His latest design project involves a lamp that reacts to a person’s movements. The lamp takes the shape of a dangling rose. As someone approaches, the lamp comes to life. The closer the user gets, the further the flower blooms to display light. The work is very anthropomorphic. I’ve also included a link to a video below of another one of his lamp creations. One that is much creepier than the flower. The google video shows a breathing, furry lamp that looks as if it popped out of a David Cronenberg film.
Google Video

Paper on Reactive Furniture

Electrical Fantasia 2006

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