Fall / Winter 2007 Collection by Mina Perhonen

Fall / Winter 2007 Collection by Mina Perhonen: Women's Japanese and Finnish Fashion

Mina Perhonen is a Finnish Designer working in Japan. Her work is characterized by empire dresses with flowing waists, huge, bold buttons, neutrals mixed with a few earthy cool colors, and softness. I’ve chosen to show a picture of the softest of the soft pieces. It’s sort of a hoodie mixed with a cardigan made from what I believe is an acrylic yarn (I may be wrong). Again, Mina treats this piece with big buttons. The hood itself is cupped close to the face framing one’s profile in perfect cupie doll cuteness. In fact, this piece works kind of like a cuteness maker. You could be a toothless prune and still have people say “awwwww!” when they pass you, that’s how cute this piece is.

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