Fail Bench: Furniture to Make You Insecure

I saw this bench, and it immediately spawned a thought about dieting and weight loss. I’m getting fatter. I’m not feeling like a real chunky, but I’m slowly creeping up from a slender 190 lbs. (I’m 6′-4" BTW) to something more than this, let’s say. I think the name is interesting because my first thought was the designer named the fail bench because this was a botched project that he or she made, and didn’t want to pass it off as a mistake so they named it "Fail Bench". My more deep seeded meaning for it’s name is that I’ve failed as a human being to get my weight to an acceptable level and I’ve bought this bench to act as my scarlet letter, of sorts. Well, fuck you Fail Bench.

Fail Bench | Design Milk

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