Event: On the Waterfront

Event: On the Waterfront


“Commensurate with this year’s AIA150 celebration, the AIA Committee on Design is focusing on waterfront cities. Two design conferences and an ideas competition comprise its focus. The COD’s spring conference was held in Miami, and now the COD moves to Minneapolis for its fall conference, On the Waterfront: Renaissance Through Design Excellence. Both cities experienced a boom in the early 20th century, a decline in the later part of the century, and a total renaissance at the start of the 21st century.

Minneapolis, and its sister city, St. Paul, sit on the water’s edge flanking the shores of the Mississippi River. Historically the Mississippi River was a liquid highway of American commerce, carrying people, goods, and services from the heartland to the Gulf of Mexico and to the world. At the turn of the century Minneapolis-St. Paul was the world’s largest exporter of grain. One hundred years later grain is no longer exported from Minneapolis.

The river, once the linear soul of business, became a wasteland. It has taken vision, a plan, design talent, and community courage to give it new meaning. We will explore the “rejuvenation of American cities on the water” through the development of projects along the water’s edge, including the Guthrie Theater by Jean Nouvel and the Mill City Museum by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle among others.

Explore how America’s top designers are embracing the interface of the urban environment and the water and experience how design excellence can be a catalyst for the rejuvenation of our cities.”  – AIA Website

Where: Marquette Hotel | Minneapolis, MN

URL: http://www.aia.org/www.aia.org/br_cod_fall07 

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