Event: Made in GA at Museum of Design Atlanta

Museum of Design Atlanta

What: “Curated by Abir Mullick, Director of Industrial Design at GA Tech and Carie Davis, Design Manager for Coca-Cola & President of IDSA Atlanta. Building off the success of Japanese Design Today, Raymond Loewy: Designs for a Consumer Culture and Design at Play: The High Design of Cartoon Network, MODA’s most popular product design-based exhibitions, MADE IN GA will look close to home and feature contemporary product design that has its roots in Georgia.

Including the work of freelance designers and consulting firms as well as corporations and design schools will highlight the myriad of product design that originates in our home state.

This exhibition will take the viewer inside the world of the industrial designer, and demonstrate the processes and importance of industrial design. MADE IN GA will feature design concepts, works-in-progress, final designs and off-the-shelf products. The audience will be exposed to the processes via concept sketches, renderings, study models, prototypes, digital models, and marketable products. The products showcased will come from Georgia’s varied industries that utilize industrial designer’s skills.

The breadth of the exhibition will further demonstrate the versatility and importance of industrial design. Product examples featured in MADE IN GA will further demonstrate industrial design’s role in social, environmental and economic issues and inspire consumers to think critically about the products they buy and the manner in which they are produced.”


MODA: 285 Peachtree Center Avenue
Marquis II Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30303-1229

URL: http://www.museumofdesign.org 

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