Event: Istanbul Biennial

Istanbul biennial


“From the very beginning, the Biennial project has been clearly defined and structured beyond a conventional exhibition model. It embraced the rationale of merging it with the vibrancy of real urban life: from research to the development of the project; selection of venues and forms of actions and presentations in these sites; dialogues and collaborations among artists and other participants; spatial designs and their realizations through interventions and transformations of spaces; as well as defining communication strategies. It is a project of collective intelligence, reflecting perfectly the structure and function of the Multitude.

Spatially, the Biennial project will cover a wide range of urban zones, from theEuropean to the Asian sides, from the central areas to the peripheries. In terms of time, the project goes beyond a conventional �office-hour� presentation and takes on the reality of life in this sleepless city; it will function twenty-four hours a day continuously in different sites. With four major �exhibitions� and numerous special projects and parallel events, the Biennial is a dynamic complex system. It is an non-stop machine for production of new urban life. It is an endless urban maze.” Hou Hanru, Curator of Istanbul Biennial

Where: Istanbul, Turkey

URL: http://www.iksv.org/bienal10/english/giris.asp 

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