Event: Icograda World Design Congress 2007

Event: Icograda World Design Congress 2007What:

“The Icograda World Congress in La Habana will celebrate fresh perspectives on the intersection of contemporary culture and the evolution of design. It aims to address the influence culture has on design, how design is shaping urban identities and the opportunity to use design as an economic development tool. It will also offer participants a chance to discuss how technology and the internet are influencing traditional graphic and communication design.

La Habana will be the international capital of graphic and communication design in October 2007 – a place for designers, consultants, design managers, design researchers, buyers of design services, educators and students to gather, to share, and to learn.” -Icograda World Design Congress 2007

Where: Havana, Cuba

URL: http://havana.icograda.org/web/index.shtml 

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