Event: Dubai International Design Forum

This is a long-winded statement from the Dubai IDF website:
“Moutamarat’s first annual International Design Forum (IDF) is due to take place in Dubai on 27 – 29 May 2007. Thanks to the vibrancy of its creative industries and development projects, Dubai is rapidly becoming a regional hub for design and creativity. The IDF champions the message that design is a critical tool for cultural understanding and business excellence. In addition, this high-profile event will focus on two specific design disciplines: urban design and industrial design. Using an innovative format set to stimulate thinking and knowledge exchange in the field of design, the sessions will take the form of informative, lively and challenging discussions on the different connotations of design and its intersection with other disciplines. The IDF will strike a balance between being a public event and a closed, exclusive, knowledgebased forum. Installations and other designers’ lounges will celebrate the power of design, while an innovative learning experience will be provided through high-level debates and new knowledge products.”

If you are in the area, you will not be disappointed with the fantastic lineup of designers. Definitely check out the website HERE.

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