Event: Designboost



“Designboost is a completely novel concept on the Swedish design market.

It will be annual, different, international and will penetrate questions of current interest on design in a broad perspective and put them on the agenda in the society at large.

It consists of three different parts; boost meetings (formerly known as workshops), boost chats (formerly known as lectures) and a boost show (formerly known as exhibition). The boost meetings take place with an invited group of participants while the boost chats and the boost show are open for the public.

Designboost is supposed to inject both it’s participants and the audience with new ideas, make them ponder, reflect, worry and be amused about what design really is and how it should be used in order to create a better life for people, and a more durable society.” – Designboost Website

Where: Designboost, Fridhemstorget, 217 53 Malmö, Sweden.

URL: http://www.designboost.se 

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