Event: 1st Biennial of the Canaries

1st Biennial of the Canaries

When: Through February 10

Where: The Canary Islands

What: This is a little long winded, but…

“The Government of the Canaries is organising the 1st Architecture, Art and Landscape Biennial, an international event taking place in the landscapes and spaces of the seven Canary Islands.We are currently preparing an encounter that will put at the reach of all citizens and visitors a platform fostering common reflection, the proper understanding of the importance of landscape and a search for imaginative solutions for a better future, in harmony with the environment.

The Biennial has been conceived by the Government of the Canaries, taking into account all the singularities of the Canaries. Fully aware of the place we live in, on islands with limited territory, yet in a strategic position with a growing population and strong urban development pressure, this project is synonymous with opportunity. A space of creative and intellectual coexistence, articulating a constructive critique of our present-day reality.

For that common enterprise, and in order to rethink the future, for three months over 70 artists from the Canaries, America, Africa and Europe and an equal number of renowned architects and city planners from the same geographical origins, will share the whole of the geography of the Canary Islands. Their participation and the development of their projects will contribute analysis and calm reflection with the sensibility and emotiveness inherent to creation.”

Adán Martín Menis

The Canary Islands are a fragile and beautiful landscape just at the northern tip of Africa quickly being overwhelmed  by sprawl and growth. I commend the  the canaries for taking steps to inspire the builders of their country!

URL: http://www.bienaldecanarias.org

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