Dutch Design Week 2006: Illustre by Asylum Collection

Illustre by Asylum Collection

Object: Illustre

Designer: Asylum Collection

URL: http://www.asylumcollection.com

Category: Furniture and Housewares

Price: email designers for prices

Lust Factor: Warm

Description: Last week was the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. I, unfortunately, am too poor to go to any international design events this winter, so I’ll feature a few of the designers that have been featured in the Dutch Design Week in recent years.

Illustre is one of those objects that look simple enough, but in fact could not be made if it weren’t for modern prototyping technology. The light uses a simple pane of acrylic and is cut into shape by a CNC router. The lines are of the object are both baroque and crisp. I find the effect the designers have created to be morbidly moody. Perfect for any Dead Can Dance listening party or absynth happy hour.

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