Dutch Design Week 2006: The Cut Chair by BLOKmeubel

Oak Cut chair by BLOKmeubel

Glass Cut chair by BLOKmeubel

Steel Cut chair by BLOKmeubel

Rock Cut chair by BLOKmeubel

Object: Cut Chair

Designer: BLOKmeubel

URL: http://www.blokmeubel.nl/

Category: Furniture and Housewares

Price: $1,400

Lust Factor: Warm

Description: Last week was the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. I, unfortunately, am too poor to go to any international design events this winter, so I’ll feature a few of the designers that have been featured in the Dutch Design Week in recent years.

The work by BLOKmeubel, to me, is pure and simple wood furniture that is solidly built. The Cut Chair series is a play on their traditional styling, but creating a wood chair, and making an exact replica of the wood chair in glass, steel, and stone is a special play. I worked in a furniture shop for several years before I started my architecture career, and to translate a design from the material it’s originally intentioned for to something with completely different properties is nearly impossible. This is what makes their design so special. Imagine how much the steel chair must weigh, for instance. Hundreds of pounds?

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