Drink Tray by Martino d’Esposito

Drink Tray by Martino d'Esposito

I’ve seen this around on a few blogs, and as much as I try to avoid duplicate content, I can’t help but put in a plug for this ingenious design. It’s a Drink Tray by Martino d’Esposito. Build this scenario up in your head: You’re a hot young bartender in one of San Francisco’s trendiest bars. Every night you have to wind your way gracefully through a packed crowd with activity and stimulation at every turn. You make a difficult pirouette while carrying a tray-full of drinks only to have your ass pinched in mid-movement. The tray starts to slip from your hand, and within a second, you’re drinks spill all over the style editor of the New York Times, here in this bar to review for the paper. Your career is ruined… if only the drink Tray Hadn’t slipped. Martino d’Esposito’s design, with its discrete finger holes, means you never have to worry again. All bars should be issued this tray from this point forward.

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