Dots Rug by Diane Steverlynck

dots rug by Diane Steverlynck

It’s a good thing that I don’t run a podcast about design because if I did I don’t think the work of Diane Steverlynck would ever make it simply because I could not pronounce her name correctly. I think I’d probably have to learn her name if I did podcast because her work is simply the freshest work out there in the field of fine rugs, and Diane only being 31 years old means there is so much more in store from this great talent . The Dots Rug by Limited Edition is one of my favorites. It’s soft, warm, and offers real joy under the foot. The rug comes in three striking colors and is 100% wool. The piece is worthy of display, but the texture is so comforting that to simply hang it from a wall would not do it justice.

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