DIGG(ish) WordPress Theme Offered to the Masses

Digg-ish WordPress Theme by Brandon Thomas Baunach

A couple of months ago, I announced my first WordPress Theme designed from scratch. WordPress is the software that I use to write this blog. The software is extremely flexible, and allows me to design the site to look exactly how I would like. To learn WordPress a bit better, I decided to created a template. Templates are the bits of code that give the look and feel to the blog. I just realized that I never released it on my blog but kept it buried on the site for no one to see. Really, I have no confidence designing these things. I come from a product and architecture background, so CSS and graphic design are not yet my friends. Still, I realized after a couple of months that I should just get this out there for as many comments as possible.
It’s pretty simple and unrefined. It was meant to look something like Digg.com, but in the end it really is only a little Digg-ish… So I named it Digg-ish for its slight resemblance. I believe it to be compatible with both V2.0 and V2.1 of WordPress, however it hasn’t gone through too many paces. please check it out and tell me what you think.

Here’s a link to the .zip file

or if you prefer a .tar file

Here’s a demo site I’ve made

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