Die Electric by Scott Amron

Die Electric Plug In Vase by Scott Amron

Scott Amron sent me a link to his Die Electric project months ago, and I loved it so much that I wrote a post about it and but somehow it was lost in the ether. Finally, I’m back on the case: Die Electric is a play on dialectic mixed with a little die and a little electricity. It’s conversation involving sculpture and a standard A.C. outlet. I’m not sure how the initial aha! moment was born, but once it sprouted Scott wholeheartedly took on the challenge of using the A.C. Outlet as the most useful of structural cantilevers asking himself, ” Just what can I hang off of a plug?”.

The answer, among many other things, is a vase allowing you to add a bit of cheery flowers to any unused power outlet.   Yes, it seems a bit iffy to actually be plugging this into a socket. And, after all, the name “Die” is in the name of the project. But what the hell. I encourage you to buy into Scott’s project.  Just don’t sue me if you get hurt.

Die Electric Off Switch Hook by Scott Amron

Maybe for a slightly safer feeling project of Scott’s, try out the off switch hook. No electricity involved.

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