Designer Profile: Sander Mulder

Over the years, Sander Mulder has grown to become an international operating design studio, which specializes in the field of furniture-, lighting- and interior design. Our characteristic designs have left their traces in homes, galleries and museums all over the world.

carat: a diamond shaped pendant lamp

Ceci: a lamp in the shape of a light bulb that seems to melt and drip glass

Halo: a lamp that appears to produce light in a magical ring

Therese: A chandelier made of clear acrylic that sparkles as finely as any crystal lamp could

Pandora: Cabinetry that borrows its aesthetics from shipping containers.

Sputnik: A beautiful powder coated dining table bent to form a sort of oragami perfection.

vk001: A lounge chair that looks like a melted waffle on legs.

Pong Clock: A robotic video game slowly ticking off the seconds ala the famous 1970s classic.

Woofers: White cermic dogs, sans heads, that double as speakers.

via About | Sander Mulder.

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