Designer Profile: Paul Loebach

Paul Loebach is a Brooklyn based designer and woodworkers who’s roots are in Cincinnati. His work is characterized by a deep love for the craft of wood and pushing the limits on its traditions.

For instance in his seating piece, Chair-o Space, Loebach uses the iconic turned wood legs which at first glance seems so simple. But, the legs’ curvature leaves me wondering “how did he do that”? As of today, I still don’t know. I can’t imagine the legs were produced on a simple lathe because the eccentricity would cause the legs to fly off of the machine, I would think. There is some underlying cleverness that, almost like a magician, is held in close confidence by Mr. Loebach. His pieces are all similar in that they are like sculptural puzzles that seem subtle but cary a deeper meaning the more you observe and use them.

I’ve included a link to his article below the images. Definitely have a look.

Paul Loebach.

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