Designer Profile: OOOMS

OOOMS is a guy/girl design duo based in the Netherlands. Their work has a sort of random quality that has a bit of natural bent.

Solar Birdhouse

Solar Birdhouse

The solar birdhouse is a recent product that creates a beacon for the garden at night without using any grid power to do so. I think it may scare the crap out of birds, though.

Wooden USB Stick

The form is very Wabi Sabi, or is it Feng Shui? Whatever Asian influenced adjective that describes a beautifully formed “natural” object that has been co-opted into a new technology. It brings tranquility to your desktop.

The Milkmaid Porcelain Dildo

I once had an older relative that was obsessed with her blue tinted Delft china. She had hundreds of pieces of every shape and form. Sadly, she died before she ever got to sample the most erotic of Dutch ceramic: the dildo. This piece by OOOMS design was commisioned by the Dutch souvenir project and would surely add excitement as a Christmas stocking stuffer.

Rocker- a device to turn any chair in to a rocker

Rocker- a device to turn any chair in to a rocker

Rocker is a project by OOOMS that creates an inexpensive solution to bring new meaning to your old chair. It’s almost like recycling, but it’s more like… Pre-cycling! In other words do throw away that old seat when you can repurpose it as a rocker in a few short twists of this elegant invention.

OOOMS | dutch design.

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