Designer Profile: Karl Zahn

I know nothing about Karl Zahn except that months ago he sent me an email wondering if I might feature his stuff, and he is a genius. Why a genius? Just take a look at some of his clever product designs:

cleat 2

How about cleat 2, a new outlet cover design that is actually a hell of a lot more useful than any design made today, but it’s relatively price sensitive.

coin operated light

How about a coin saver in place of a light switch? I like this. I almost wish when you dropped in a coin it would give you light for the amount of time the quarter was worth just so you could be atuned to your spending. Here are a number of other project images which I will let speak for themselves:

Cord Picket Fence

a paper lamp with some serious drama

lace tape

the penta chair

boiler design office.

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