Designer Profile: Elseware

The New York based industrial design collective blurs the line between art and product. Its members joined together in 1999 to develop a new creative outlet for themselves and a forum for their work. Elseware works backwards from the public to manufacture through theme-based gallery exhibitions such as “watershed” in 1999. The success of this show, featuring new products inspired by, and for, the bathroom, led the group to bring their first products to market. The next show, based on manifestations of the word “[ ]fuse” opened in 2001 to similar success and more widespread recognition. Their latest of five show, “American Cheese: processed,” opened in December 2003 and is a continuation of the innovative and creative thought that Elseware strives to maintain. The four core members continue to work together, and occasionally with guest designers, to further blur the line between art and design.

Cozy: A beer cozy for your 40oz.

Industrial Strength Night Light

Aquariass: a toilet / aquarium that gives the fishes the ride of their life.

Hipster: a strange personal trailer. Think wheelbarrow.

The Vegetable Table Saw: A way to cut your vegetables into to perfectly accurate slices.

Elseware – different design.

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