Designer Profile: 7760 / Ryan Harc

a vases by 7760

Ryan Harc is one of those designers whose mind you want to explore to find true brilliance.  The product concepts he creates such as the A vases shown above exhibit  extreme cleverness but with a restraint that can only be found in very few designers of his caliber. The vase above is perfect for a simple rose or a a dozen with the simple flip of one elegant piece. But there is so much more…

maple phone by 7760

The maple phone concept uses the translucency of the thin maple veneer as a design response to the slickness of modern phones. It’s unlike anything available, yet so simple.

time switch wall clock

Switch on the time switch when you want to see the time, and keep it off when you want the relaxation of having no set schedule. I’d love to modify this as a stop watch to monitor your energy usage, but that’s maybe a bit too practical.

xy bag by 7760 design

Here’s a bag that is so much more functional than the standard luggage. One simple flip of the controls gives you a simple mechanism for carrying a month’s worth of gear.

I urge readers to see more!

A vases ‎7760‎.

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