Design Mart: Either Oar dining table by &made

Either Oar Dining Table by &made

Either Oar Dining Table by &made

Object: Either Oar dining table

Designer: &made


Category: Furniture and Housewares

Price: $2500-5000

Lust Factor: Warm

Description: To Celebrate the London Design Museum’s exhibition, Design Mart, I am including several of their up-and-coming designers they have showcased. For more information about the exhibition, go to

&made’s design dining table design, Either Oar, is as pun filled as any Dutch designer out there. The table converts into a floatational device equipped with… oars. My take on the table is it’s a play on the modern western world’s obsession with safety in a time of rising oceans. For that, I commend the designers in the object’s subtlety.

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