Design Mart: Carbon Copies by Nadine Jarvis

Carbon Copies by Nadine Jarvis

Object: Carbon Copies

Designer: Nadine Jarvis


Category: Furniture and Housewares

Price: $1,000 – 2,500

Lust Factor: Hot

Description: To Celebrate the London Design Museum’s exhibition, Design Mart, I am including several of their up-and-coming designers they have showcased. For more information about the exhibition, go to

The product design, Carbon Copies, is an idea so profound as to make me ashamed to include it on a site named “Design Crack”. The product is a lifetime supply of pencils where the carbon to produce the pencils is derived from a loved one’s cremation. It’s a memorial for loved ones lost that celebrates the creative act.

The act of writing and drawing with these pencils would be an emotional reflection on the loved one’s life while also being a physical reflection of the last atoms of the person’s body as it covers the paper. The whole act of creation, I feel, would be more inspired just knowing that the carbon making the drawings had a life of its own before the drawing was created. I really wish I had the words to express the importance of this design, and the impact it may have on future death rituals.

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