Danish Crafts Collection: Line Dyrholm

"Dyrholm graduated from Designskolen Kolding in 2005. She works from a basic idea of simplicity while taking a humorous approach, which often leads to surprising details. She gleans her inspiration from everyday tasks and her works often focus on examining problems that appear to have no immediate solution. Her Sokkelampe – Sock Lamp – is a good example; it confronts everything we know about knits and safety around electrical goods. She typically works with textiles in the broadest sense of the word, focusing mainly on usability and tactile qualities. Her choice of materials is intended to support the functionality of her products while providing an element of surprise. In 2006 Dyrholm was awarded a grant from the municipality of Aarhus as well as a working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation. Her work has been exhibited around the world including Seoul and Paris and in 2007 she will be participating in the Craft and Design Biennial at Trapholt."
Crafts Collection

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