Danish Crafts Collection: Anders Lunderskov

"Lunderskov trained as a cabinetmaker, completing his training with A.J. Iversen in 1985. The next year he got a job at the Lyon Museum of Art and Design furnishing their textile section. He has run his own workshop in Milan since 1989 creating pieces for clients like Prada and Japanese Kohseki. He usually gets his inspiration from nature: plants and animals, taking his point of departure in the desire to meld idea and material. Thus he creates a new piece by working directly on the materials. Lunderskov strives for clean, simple designs and harmony between materials and the silky surfaces that imbue his pieces with life and soul of their own. His work has been exhibited throughout the world including Milan, New York and Chicago. In 2000 he was featured in the exhibition Mesterværker – Masterpieces – at Kronborg in Elsinore."
Crafts Collection

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