Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial 2006 Designers: Napali Kayak by Clear Blue Hawaii

Napali Kayak by Clear Blue Hawaii

Object: Napali Kayak

Designer: Clear Blue Hawaii


Category: Sports and Recreation

Price: $See Website

Lust Factor: Warm

Description: The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum is about to begin it’s 2006 Design Triennial: Design Life Now starting December 8th and running through July 29th. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be profiling several of the objects from the 87 designers that have been chosen for the event.

Why no one has built a line of affordable glass bottom boats before is beyond me. Clear polycarbonate has been around for a while, and so has the carbon fiber reinforcement that Clear Blue Hawaii uses to construct the frame. My guess is that it takes years to develop and build a patentable prototype and I need to just be a little more patient. That, and Clear Blue Hawaii are really smart and creative and just thought of this first. But now, they’ve opened up the mental block that begs the question: “What other items would benefit from being transparent?”. Obviously, a boat is really cool because you get to see the fishies.

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