Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial 2006 Designers: Embroidered Dress by Maria Cornejo

Embroidered Dress by Maria Cornejo

The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum is about to begin it’s 2006 Design Triennial: Design Life Now starting December 8th and running through July 29th. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be profiling several of the objects from the 87 designers that have been chosen for the event.

In 2005, Maria Cornejo was a finalist for the Fashion Cooper Hewitt Design Awards with good reason. This grey and black dress shows off a sensual empire waist with silvery accents of embroidery on the breast and the bottom perimeter of the dress. The embroidery pattern is a whispy tall grass that has very little contrast against the black which gives the dress a sublime quality. It’s complete hipster elegance.

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