Columbia College Art + Design

Columbia College Art + Design


Columbia College Chicago’s Art and Design Department accentuates the importance of aesthetic growth and the development of students’ technical skills, craftsmanship, and overall artistic discipline in various art applications. Not only do we want our students to enter the work force as creative thinkers and producers, but also as great leaders and entrepreneurs. As a result, we try to impart a real-world level of expectation, emphasizing a balance between strong creativity and the realities of a highly competitive field. Talent is paramount, but students at Columbia also learn the importance of diligence and commitment if they are to succeed as professional artists.

Professional Exposure and Opportunities

We try to expose our students to professional life opportunities as quickly as possible through internship opportunities, exhibitions, outside competitions, and special programs. Our annual Manifest event is the largest student art exhibition in the city and allows graduating seniors to exhibit their bodies of work to the community at large. We also have our study-abroad program, Columbia Arts – Florence that focuses on making and studying art in Northern Italy.” -Columbia College

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