Clever Bastards- New Zealand art & design at it’s best

Cleverbastards comes to you from a group of people who are passionate about Kiwi creativity, and equally at home with the idea that the internet allows New Zealanders to do what we were always best at: talking to our neighbours, meeting strangers, sharing a yarn and sometimes doing business.

Hunting for ingenious ideas, designs, art and craft from Cape Reinga in the North to The Bluff in the South, is what they do, so you don’t have to. Kenohi te kenohi [being face to face] with the most interesting designers, artists, craftspeople, writers, musicians, foodies and all manner of creative Kiwis, is made possible right here on Not only can you buy something from them, but get an idea how it was made and what the hell made them do it in the first place.

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