Cityplates by not Neutral

Cityplates by notNeutral found at 2Modern-

Berlin Cityplates by notNeutral found at 2Modern-

Cityplates by NotNeutral are old news in the hyper acute world of cool trends being exploded into the blog ether at a mile a minute. But I haven’t written about them and maybe that’s what matters most to me, art least. The graphic nature of the map is so eye popping as to attract every architect and planner in the world instantly. Like myself. I want these plates, and I want them now. But it occurred to me that, heck, with all the fantastic technology being exposed, I would love to see a mashup between maps, plates, and touch screens sort of like Microsoft’s touch table. Maybe, when food hit the surface of the plate, the plate could rapidly detect the chemical makeup of the food and then give you exact stats as to how healthy your meal was. Or maybe sticking with the map theme, your interactive map plates could simply tell you exactly where your food came from and how many miles your combined meal had to travel to reach where it is on your plate. I would imagine that people might be surprised that the combined distances for all of the ingredients of a fairly simple meal might actually total the circumference of the earth. That’s some food for thought.

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