Celebrity Smell Off One: Britney Spears Versus Paris Hilton

A couple of weeks ago, my wife Stacey and I went on a whirlwind adventure in San Francisco’s Union Square, the hub of high fashion and shopping in the city. Our goal was to smell as many celebrity scents as we could get our noses under and then critique these scents as if we were Simon Cowell on a bad day. We smelled 8 scents total, and for four posts I will feature two scents in a battle of sights and smells. Stacey and I judged the perfumes on three key elements: Packaging, Brand Novelty, and Scent. So, let the games commence:

For our competitors, I give you The Smell of Wild Mares™: Britney Spears’ In Control Curious Versus Paris Hilton’s Heiress.

Paris Hilton Heiress

We began the showdown at Macy’s where probably the most comprehensive scents were found. Every one of the counter people were more than accommodating to our whim, and I thank them for this. Even though Macy’s must have one of the largest and most comprehensive perfume counters in the city we managed to find Paris’ perfume quite easily.

Stacey Holding Paris Hilton's Chihuahua

Probably because the package holding her Heiress perfume (available for $37) is expertly coupled by a life-sized likeness of Paris’ Chihuahua Tinkerbell (which incidentally has her own book available at Amazon). After inspecting the overwhelming packaging, we took to nose the scent desired by so many teen-aged boys and found the top notes of her scent to be a comforting baby powder mixed suspiciously with cough syrup. Stacey and I both assumed the cough syrup might be a subconscious invitation. Overall, the scent says “take me”, possibly in a slight slur.

In Control Curious by Britney Spears

Unfortunately, Macy’s did not have Paris’ counterpart Britney Spears available. Thank God for Sephora, that oh-so-chic emporium of everything applied to the body. Sephora honestly has some of the most high quality brands available. They also carry Britney. And so we smelled. I should start by saying that the presentation is quite beautiful. The bottle is black faceted glass with a corded pink atomizer bringing back memories of a New York zig-zaggy art deco building.

Stacey Smelling Britney Spears' In Control Curious

Unfortunately, the Britney scent, as you may guess by Stacey’s expression, didn’t hold up as well as the packaging. The smells were abound with sweetness resembling bubble gum, and our overall impression was “take me…in fourth period gym class”. It’s a good scent for young sluts was another phrase that crossed our lips. So the final breakdown of the flagship Celebrity Smell-Off went like this on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best):

Britney’s In Control Curious:

Packaging: 9

Brand Novelty: 9 (The name makes it even more desireable after the recent out-of control antics)

Scent: 2

Paris’ Heiress:

Packaging: 10 (The dog puts the desirability factor at super-high)

Brand Novelty: 6 (Haven’t seen her much in the news lately. Maybe it’s time for a rehab visit to fatten her coffers)

Scent: 6 (Didn’t smell like Sweet-N-Low, but still not incredibly appealing)

Paris Wins! Paris Wins!

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