For the geography buffs what c…

For the geography buffs what country is the world’s longest canal tunnel in? submit answers before you look.

Facebook friends I’m testing a…

Facebook friends I’m testing a new twitter tool so I may accidentally double post for a couple days.

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Hacking and Cracking the Leapfrog Tag Junior

Recently, my mother in law gave my son a tag junior from leapfrog. This toy is magic. You just set the device down on a leapfrog book, and it will read the text of the book or identify any of the images in the book. For instance, if you place the device over a picture […]


China Design Now is a broad review of China’s contemporary design, fashion, and architecture which is on exhibit at PAM in Portland, OR through the next few months. The show is broken into three categories which revolve around the three major cities: Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing. From what i’ve seen, there is no real opportunity […]

urbanSHED International Design Competition

NYC is sponsoring a design competition focused on re-inventing the construction sheds that cover sidewalks all over New York. The competition brief claims that over a million linear feet of the shed structures exist at any given time around the city. I’m really looking forward to the entrants simply because this is one design problem […]

Dutch Design in New york

Design events move to New York – There will be a lot of design events over the next week or so in New York with the iCFF coming up. I went las year and it was a blast. But outside of the ICFF you’re going to need some things to do to keep you […]

ZonaTortona 2009

The Milan Furniture Fair is coming up quite soon, and with this comes the best Design Crack event of the year: The Zona Tortona. But don’t take my word for it. Check out Wallpaper*s  sneak peek at the event that is any interior designer’s must see. ZonaTortona 2009 – Interiors – – International Design […]

Housewares at 100% Norway 2008

The home accessories shown at 100% Norway are as impressive as the furniture. Let’s say that the overarching style is fluid simplicity. It’s not overly clever design like Dutch and Belgian design, and it’s not fussy and baroque which is a current trend. Instead the designs are an evolution on a well established Nordic tradition […]

Designer Profile: Dripta Roy and Puur

Puur is a design Studio based in three locations: Austrialia, The Netherlands and Canada. Only in the twenty first century can you say something like this with a company that is only three people. Their work is charactreized by clean, curvilinear lines and expressive solutions for their design problems. My favorite of their pieces is […]