Is the New Fisker Karma the Funnest Hybrid on Earth?


You be the judge. From the looks of this WSJ reporter, the Fisker Karma has some impressive power for a plug in hybrid. Besides going fast as hell and having amazing fuel efficiency even in non electric mode, I like this car for all the wrong reasons. . I like this car because it’s designed […]

Final pic, I swear. http://ins…

Final pic, I swear.

More cool flowers from out gar…

More cool flowers from out garden

Coneflowers in our garden http…

Coneflowers in our garden

A dahlia in our garden http://…

A dahlia in our garden

Sirius XM: Ready for Lift-Off?…

Sirius XM: Ready for Lift-Off?

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-19

Lawrence sleeping in a bag #

Lawrence sleeping in a bag htt…

Lawrence sleeping in a bag

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-12

Alright, NYC just one upped the rest of the world in weirdly concocted dining experiences: # A grilled cheese sandwich system that is beyond belief- think highest technology to make lowest food: # Let's make it easier to design a beautiful website. How about gridded notebooks for websites. # Do we really […]