Cuckoo Clock by Michael Sans

Michael Sans pushes the boundaries of the pun in his design for a Cuckoo Clock. The Cuckoo (which he claims died of natural causes in 1958, like that matters) is used literally as the armature off which the clock hangs. The bird hangs, spread eagle (or spread cuckoo in this case), nailed to the wall […]

BronzeKnuckle by Diplomat Design

“Punch him in the face with style and grace.” could be the pitch for the BronzeKnuckle by Diplomat Design. Not Really! This is actually an artistic centerpiece which could double to display fruit. Diplomat Design has gone all out with the finish of this bronze piece. The outer edges of the piece are polished to […]

Design Wise- Juicy Boobs by Experimenta

This is a piece of kitchenware with many advantages in mind. The juicy boobs play off of man’s natural tendency to want to squeeze a pair of breasts (or at least my natural tendency). Now getting fresh juice is fun! Regardless of the funny name or the seductive shape, the design is well thought out. […]

The Dutch Tub

Object: The Dutch Tub Manufacturer: The Dutch Tub URL: Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $6000 Lust Factor: Hot Description: The Dutch Tub is one of those ingenious ideas where you wonder, ” Why has no-one thought of this before?” It’s a bit like an old-fashioned wood fired hot tub, but it uses a bit […]

War Bowl by MosleymeetWilcox

Object: War Bowl Designer: mosleymeetswilcox URL: Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $180 Lust Factor: Hot Description: The concept is simple and brilliant: melt a bunch of toys in a wok just enough that they form a bowl. The toy of choice is an army soldier. I had a number of these soldiers as a […]

Lolita Chandelier by Ron Arad

In this week’s New York Times Style Magazine, they featured a short blurb about Ron Arad’s Crystal chandelier. The chandelier is a crystal spiral with LED lights embedded within the crystals. The LED lights are programmed to allow the owner to scroll messages across the chandelier. It’s absolutely gorgious, so I wanted know a bit […]

Brush 2 by CITIZEN:Citizen

Object: Brush 2 Designer: CITIZEN:Citizen URL: Category: Consumer Technology Price: $95 Lust Factor: Hot Description: This is a brush that I am sure Saint Martha, patron saint of domestic servants, would approve of. The brush is simple, clear, direct, and suited for the most zealous Christian.